Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: The Otter, The Spotted Frog and the Great Flood by Geralf Hausman

When Spotted Frog tells of a great flood that is about to destroy their homes, all of the animals ignore his warnings, except Listener the Otter. Ridiculed by the other animals, Listener heeds Spotted Frog’s predictions and begins to build a raft to try and survive the impending disaster. But will his efforts be enough?
This charming children’s book warns us to listen to the wisdom of nature and the environment. Based on a traditional story from the Creek Indians of northern Florida and Georgia, The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood is retold by award-winning author and storyteller Gerald Hausman, and is brought to life by the powerful images of Ramon Shiloh.
This universal tale is full of traditional Native American wisdom which seems even more farsighted in our own day and age, with the conditions of global warming and other environmental threats that confront us more and more.

We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I liked the meaning behind the story. I am a big fan of Native American told stories as they always have meaning. With this particular story it also reminded me of parts in the Bible when God flooded the Earth. 
I would have loved the pictures a bit more, but it seemed some pictures were blacked out. That is why I am giving this a 4 star rating. I liked how it brought Nature into the mix and how we should respect it. Not only that we should listen to what we are being told because some things are for the better. 

K liked the book, but he didn't seem to into it like I thought he would be. Especially with the mosquito biting the Ottor. He didn't really understand the end fully. The buffalo K thought was pretty mean as he kept throwing the Spotted Frog into the fire,it wasn't very nice. 

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