Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: The Ugly Bug Ball by Michelle Burns

Let's go to the ball! It's time for the Ugly Bug Ball, and all the ugly bugs are in a buzz! Only, there's one problem: not all of the ugly bugs were invited. Even though Stanley is an ugly stinkbug, he's left out because of his stench! Will he let one bossy bug dictate if he can go, or will he gather his courage and finally meet the bug of his dreams?

We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I do like the story being told. It is better to be nice to those around you instead of being a bully which is what one of the bugs is. Stanley even though he is nice, because of the Praying Mantis she makes him feel bad about himself because he is a stinkbug and she says no one wants you around. But being a bully always comes back on you and the Praying Mantis learns that at the end. It is better to be nice.

What caused me to bring this rating down to a 3 is I had to bring my kindle really close to my face to even read the words on the screen. I tried to bring the font as big as it would go and it was still hard to read. I normally never have a problem like that. Also the pictures they seemed plain and no it isn't because my kindle is not colored. It really could have used more. 

Overall a good book, but I would say if you have a regular kindle it may not be the best device to read it on. 

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