Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Bloody Horned Lizards by Lori Houran

3932073Horned lizards have a really gross way of staying safe from predators. They squirt a stream of blood from their eyes to scare their enemies away! This is just one of the fascinating facts kids will discover as they explore the world of these blood-squirting creatures. Large, eye-popping photos and clear, grade-appropriate text engage emergent readers as they learn all about the unique and gross ways horned lizards protect themselves. A section in the back of the book profiles another animal that protects itself in a similar way, to help reinforce the concept of defense mechanisms.

K picked this up from school. He is really big into animals and loves to get information about animals. So when he picked this up I knew it would have been a good read and I was right. I learned a lot of information I didn't know about. Like they like to spit blood to chase off those that bother him. Hmmm never knew that about Horned Lizards. K seemed to already know about all this not sure if the pictures gave things away or if he just knew but we both really enjoyed the pictures and the cool information behind a Horned Lizard. What they eat, why they use their defense and so much more. 

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