Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: Dragons Are Real by Valarie Budayr

29877677Title: Dragons are Real
Author: Valarie Budayr
Illustartor: Michael Welply
Published: Ma5, 2016
Publisher: Audrey Press
Pages: 32
Review: ebook provided by author to give an honest review
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What if I told you that all of the fairy tales, myths and legends that have been told about dragons over the years are WRONG? What if I told you that Dragons are indeed REAL and that they are different than you've ever imagined?Did you know that Dragons are the master of disguises? Did you know that they love sugar and sweets (at unacceptable levels) and will do anything for treats? Award winning author Valarie Budayr brings us this fairly true story based on her childhood friendship with a REAL live Dragon

We received this book to give an honest review.

K actually enjoyed this book as we read it before bedtime. He turned to look at me and goes do you think dragons are real? To which I replied well do you, because after reading this book you just never know it seems that dragons are real. In this very colorful and well illustrated pictures we learn about dragons and how different they are. There are some that breath fire but only when they need to to dragons who can smell sweets up to a hundred feet away. So watch them sweets so a dragon doesn't take it. 
I think children of all ages will love to read this book the pictures of the dragons are not scary at all but it is just a well done book. 

Questions and Answers with K.
1. Did you enjoy the book?
"Yes I did."
2. What was your favorite part?
"All of it but I liked looking for the dragons that were hiding to get the girl's sweets."
3. Would you recommend this book to you friends?
"Yes, but some of my friends say that dragons are a myth so they may not read it."

Valarie Budayr
Valarie Budayr is the author of The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes came to our garden and The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory(Audrey Press). She is a regular contributor to the online magazine Rhythm of the Home and The Little Acorn Enrichment Guides. Valarie is the founder of Jump into a Book, a website dedicated to creating fun activities and adventures for children, families, and all who love books from "our" favorite children's books. She is the owner and creative director of Audrey Press, an independent publishing house. Valarie lives at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee with her husband and three children. You can find Valarie writing daily on her award winning blog "A Place Like This."http://jiabcharlieandthechocolatefact...

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