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Review: The Baker's Dozen: A Colonial American Tale by Heather Forest and Susan Gaber (Illustrator)

17723850Title: The Baker's Dozen A Colonial American Tale
Author: Heather Forest
Illustrator: Susan Gaber
Pages: 28
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Published: Sept. 6, 2013
Publisher: August House Publishers
Review: Paperback sent by publisher
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One of the first books from this award-winning creative team. The baker Van Amsterdam becomes known far and wide in Colonial America for his St. Nicholas cookies and, in his prosperity, becomes stingy about his ingredients. When an old woman buys a dozen cookies from him and expects to receive 13, he withholds the last one. His business falls off until the day she returns for 12 more cookies, and he gives her an extra measure. After that, the custom of offering a "baker's dozen" or 13 items is secure. Graber's elegant watercolors are vivid and stylized, showing a dusted palette of burgundies with charcoal and burnished oranges. Publishers Weekly

We received this book to give an honest review.

K and I really both enjoyed this story being told. Baker Van Amsterdam ends up making amazing St. Nicholas cookies which ends up him having a lot of money, but it seems having a lot of money is making him greedy. Baker Van Amsterdam learns a lesson on being greedy when a woman comes in to buy a dozen cookies and only gets twelve. Things turn upside down for this baker until his lesson is learned and he does the right thing. 
K thought it was neat to learn that a baker's dozen means thirteen and not twelve and that being greedy is not a good thing to be. 
The pictures really went well with each page and I think children from ages 4 on up would enjoy this story. 

Questions and Answers with K.

1. Did you like this book?

2. Did you learn anything with this book?
"Yes that you shouldn't be greedy and put all the ingredients into the recipe. Also that a baker's dozen means thirteen."

3. Would you recommend this book to your friends?

Heather Forest weaves a spell with the magic of words. She is both an author of folktale books and a noted performing artist. Her minstrel style of storytelling is a fusion of original music, poetry and the sung and spoken word. She brings classic tales from the treasury of world folklore to life with elegance, wit, and the poet's touch. She has been featured at storytelling festivals, theaters and conferences both nationally and internationally. Her books have the storyteller's flair for the sound of the spoken word and are meant to be read out loud! www.heatherforest.com

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