Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Max, the boy who didn't believe in Santa Claus by Lou Silluzio

25712324Title: Max, The boy who didn't believe in Santa Claus
Author: Lou Silluzio
Publisher: Domjaf Media
Published: March 30, 2015
Pages: 30
Genre: Children ages 5 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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It’s Christmas Eve and young Max is having trouble believing Santa can deliver so many presents in one night. Is Santa Claus real? He resolves to stay up and catch the giver of presents, even though his brothers try to talk him out of it.
What happens when the boys wake Christmas morning? Did Max catch Santa? Have presents been delivered? Is the magic of Santa as real as Max’s parents say it is?

We received this book to give an honest review.
K liked this book and thought it was very silly that Max didn't believe in Santa and was worried about him getting presents. 
K is still at the age that he believes in Santa so I was wondering how he would take this book. 
I thought it was quite silly how Max planned on staying up to catch him in the act but when he didn't and there were no presents that morning what happens? Because Max doesn't believe could that be the reason for no presents or is there something more? 

Now I believe this to be a cute children's book that lets kid's imagine what happens with Max and his beliefs. I know some parents do not do the whole Santa Claus thing and that is cool to each their own. Just know there is a good outcome within this story though we are never told if there is or is not a Santa Claus. 

Lou Silluzio
Lou Silluzio is the author of nine children's books including Milana and the Escalator and Max the Boy who Didn't Believe in Santa Claus. Lou Silluzio emigrated to Australia from Italy in 1957 when he was nine. Following a very successful career in building and real estate, a health scare convinced him to become the author he always wanted to be, and his children’s series was born. Lou lives in Melbourne with his beautiful wife, Roberta. He is a proud father of three, and an even prouder grandfather of six. His grandchildren are the inspiration for his books, and he hopes his true-to-life stories will impart life lessons for readers of all ages.

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