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Book Review and Author Interview: The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob - A Journey Begins by Brooks Olbrys

Title: Blue Ocean Bob A Journey Begins
Author: Brooks Olbrys
Publisher: Children's Success Unlimited
Published: March 12, 2013
Pages: 56
Genre: Children ages 7 on up
Review: Hardback provided by author
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Despite his idyllic island life, young Bob yearns for a greater sense of fulfillment. With his guardian, Xena the hummingbird, at his side, Bob sets out to seek guidance from the wise and happy creatures of the sea.
From the joyful secrets of Al the dolphin to the insightful advice of Doc the turtle, Earl the clam and Wallace the walrus, Bob uncovers great wisdom. But to complete his journey, he’ll need to overcome his fears - and Xena’s doubts - and prove himself to Mary Marine, the Island of Roses’s leading marine biologist.
For readers 6 to 8, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Beginsis the first episode of a colorful, early chapter book series that provides children with an invaluable introduction to timeless principles of achievement.

We received this book to give an honest review.

We have read the second book in this series and really enjoyed it but I was curious on how Blue Ocean Bob came to be so I asked the author if I could read book one and he was good with sending me a copy. 
In this story we learn how Ocean Bob became an official assistant to Mary. We get to meet Doc the Turtle, Earl the Clam and Wallace the Walrus. Each animal gives him the wisdom and wise words to complete his journey that Mary Marine gives him. 
Bob knows he has a purpose in life but he doesn't know how to go about finding it so when Mary Marine gives him a test he knows this is it for him. But we see him get discouraged only to encounter Earl and get even more advice and wisdom on what he should do. Will Bob succeed in passing his test? Will he accomplish what he needs to do to find his purpose in life?
The pictures are wonderful and really go with the story, the rhyming within the story being told keeps kids entertained with wording but not bored. 
I really liked the quote " Think of the negative and you will fail. Think of the positive? You'll tag that whale. 
It's the magic word 'attitude,' which, if it's right, will attract all the good that you have in your sight. When you put it together, it's simple but true: Your attitude shapes the world's image of you." 
That is so true and I believe kids need to hear that. There is a lesson within the story though I don't think children know it. 
K enjoyed how Bob went on an adventure and finished his job. He thought a talking Clam and Turtle were very funny. 
This is a great book to have at home and read with your children I would recommend this for ages 7 on up. 

Interview with Author Brooks Olbrys 

1. Where did you come up with the idea for The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob?

I had a young son and wanted to share achievement principles with him and other children that had been important to my personal success and happiness. So I developed the storybook concept for Blue Ocean Bob who faces life challenges and overcomes them with a positive attitude and advice from wise sea creatures and his mentor, Mary Marine. I also love the ocean and wanted to inspire ocean awareness in children.

2. Did you always want to write children's books?

No, I never had that desire until I took this idea to Bob Proctor, personal development coach, and he said "you have the material and the child to inspire you so why don't you do it?"

3. What is your favorite food?

Hands down - yellowtail and toro sushi.

4. Did you have a favorite bedtime story growing up?
Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss - maybe that's why I wrote the books in rhyme.

5. Do you have a favorite T.V. show?

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

6. Do you play any musical instruments?

No but I love to listen to music and go to concerts. My favorites are Elvis, The English Beat, Rob Thomas and U2.

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