Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Come with Me on Halloween by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Title: Come With Me on Halloween
Author: Linda Hoffman Kimball
Published: Sept. 30, 2005
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Pages: 32
Genre: Children ages 4 on up
Review: library book
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It's Halloween and time for tricks, treats, and haunted house parties. One trick-or-treater is a bit scared, but has a faithful companion to show the way and ease any fears. But our frightened trick-or-treater isn't little. It's Dad!

I actually read this to both A who is three and K who is 9. Now A just thought it to be story and wasn't scared but I do recommend that it may be for ages 4 on up depending on how your child sees the story. To me it was not a scary book at all, but there is talk of spiders hanging from the chandler, eating boiled food which it shows a picture of eyeballs and spaghetti and brains. It has great rhyming and it works out well with the story. When we finish we learn that it isn't the trick or treater who is scared but dad, and that is what makes this so cute and a great Halloween read. I see us probably reading it again before October is over with. K liked it because it is a Halloween book, and thought the daring of eating something gross was cool but sick. Really fun story.

Linda Hoffman Kimball

Linda Hoffman Kimball grew up in the Midwest, earned degrees from Wellesley College (BA) and Boston University (MFA). She currently splits her time between the prairies of Illinois and the mountains of Utah. She writes novels and non-fiction for adults, children's literature, and poetry for all ages.
She is also an artist and illustrator. You can see samples of her work at her website www(dot)LindaHoffmanKimball(dot)com and on the Linda Hoffman Kimball Art Facebook page. She tweets weekly (but not weakly) at Aspenhof Studios.

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