Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Pictures of Farm Animals (Picture Books For Curious Tots) by Amy Rogers

Pictures of farm animals have been loved by tots and young children for generations. This book of stunning photos of farm animals brings the farmyard right into your child's bedroom. The high quality of these images show the animals in their natural settings.
With the wide availability of children's picture books online, providing your tots with the kind of books they deserve is easier than ever before.
All of the farm animals illustrated in this book are accompanied by age appropriate comments to increase your child's knowledge in a subtle way.
If you are passionate about stimulating your children's curiosity and increasing their knowledge in a fun and interesting way then my "Pictures of Farm Animals" is the right 'picture book for you.

I read this book to A before bedtime and she loved it. She is at the age to where she loves to look at pictures with animals and tries to say what they are. 
We got to see different animals from ostriches to swans and learn a fact or two about them. This is a great book to read to young kids on up. 
The pictures are realistic and are big enough to where you can see what animal is being shown.
A being 2 loved this and I see us reading it again soon. 

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