Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas (The Fartastic Adventures of Billy and Monster Book 5) by David Chuka

They're back! 
Discover what new adventures Billy and Monster get up to in the latest episode in this exciting series. 
It's almost Christmas and Billy's looking forward to his present from Uncle Leland from England. On Christmas day, Billy isn't too excited when Uncle Leland gives him a golden pen but gives Cousin Bob a big monster truck. How could Uncle Leland do this to him? Billy's not a happy bunny and his ingratitude makes Uncle Leland sad and his Dad mad. 
A game of hide and seeks plunges Billy into a world filled with snow, happy monsters and houses made of chocolate. 
You will love reading this story to your loved ones as they get to learn the most important thing about this special holiday season. Expect funny illustrations, laugh out loud moments and touching moments in this funny book for kids. 
Grab your copy today!

We received this book to give an honest review.

This wasn't our favorite book but it was a good book to read. I thought the moral of the story behind this was really good. This is something that I have been trying to teach K. That even though you may not like a gift you are given you should still say Thank you and be grateful. That is something that I think all kiddos should learn. 
With this story, Billy is given a gift a golden pen instead of being thankful he received something he is upset because it isn't "cool". I think we can all relate. 
While playing a game with his family Billy goes into a different world with some monsters and they teach him that he should be grateful. Because some people don't have a lot to give, but love. 
Being around families during the holidays is the best thing.

I enjoyed the ending where the question for the readers is given. 
What are you thankful for? 
I asked K this and he goes my family, and then asked me what I was thankful for. 
K enjoyed the pictures and learning what Billy was thankful for at Christmas time. I think he will be asking me to read this book again to him soon.
The only problem I had with the story is the part that Billy is transported to another world. When he comes back to his world it is just said by his cousin, that they were tired of waiting for him so they went to watch TV. How did Billy just disappear without anyone noticing and not worrying. I know sounds silly but it is something that I felt should have been explained. 

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