Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: Bedtime Little Bear by John Lancer

Little Bear doesn’t want to go to bed. He wants to keep playing. When Mother Bear and the forest animals call to him, he pretends he can’t hear. But the sun is sinking and soon it will be dark. Will Little Bear find his way home before night time comes? Find out in this magical, moonlit, bedtime story.

I actually read this book to A. She sat in my lap and I could tell she was interested in the story. 
This is a great lesson within the story being as when you called you should come the first time.
Little bear is out playing in the forest and even though he hears his mother calling he thinks it is other things making noise. That is until it gets dark and starts to think that maybe he should have went home the first time he was called. 
This is a great book to read not only at bedtime but also whenever as it is written perfectly and the pictures are great that they go with the story.

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