Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: There's A Fly Guy In My Soup by Tedd Arnold

At a fancy hotel dinner, Fly Guy gets into some trouble--and the restaurant's soup!
When Buzz and his family have dinner in a fancy hotel's restaurant, Fly Guy isn't allowed in. After searching through the hotel's trash, Fly Guy smells a wonderful aroma coming from the restaurant's kitchen.
Fly Guy causes some messy mayhem in the restaurant, and in the end, everyone needs a bath!

K picked this book up from his school library.

Kind of funny, being as this is book 12 in the series I think we need to get book one to understand why Buzz has a fly as pet. And how did he get him. K's favorite part was the whole book, he liked it all. I found the chain of soups being thrown around funny. Fly Guy isn't allowed in a restaurant with his owner but ends up finding his way in and it becomes mayhem. This is a great story for those that are good with reading say around 1st grade. I do believe we will be getting this series and adding it to our collection for K to read on his own as the words were easy to read. 
I think this is a great series (even though I have only read one book) for kiddos to read and get a great laugh out of. 

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