Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: First Grader from Mars Episode 1: Horus's Horrible Day by Shana Corey

Horus is exited about starting first grade. That is, until he discovers there are no slime tables, no snooze mats, and no snacks; and he gets put in the Beta reading group instead of the Alpha, and finds himself longing for the good old days of Martiangarten.

We picked this book up from out public library.

Loved this book, when I saw it at the library I thought it was perfect for my first grader. And of course he thought so as well. 
You have Horus who is now a first grader and he is so excited to start until he realizes it is not like Martiangarten (which is kindergarten). He wants to stay home until he meets a new friend and he ends up showing Pelly around. 
The story was awesome and teaches that you should try new things and not be scared. You may have fun. 
My son's favorite parts were when Horus stayed in bed because he did not want to go to school. And the ending where him and Pelly became friends and went to first grade together.
My favorite part was when Horus's mom dragged Horus to school there are times that I have had to drag my little guy to school so I can relate. He doesn't like school either until he gets there and decides oh it is not too bad here. This is a great introduction to sci-fi books being as you are reading about aliens and the story is funny. A great read for I would say first graders being as they may be able to relate to Horus. 

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