Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: The Last Leaf To Fall: by Amy Tippit-Young

Analee doesnt want to leave her home on the maple tree. She cannot hold on forever, though, and must face the inevitable change that comes when she is The Last Leaf to Fall. A story for all ages and brilliantly illustrated by Donna Maske, children and adults can learn together that change is a natural part of life and not something to fear.
This is an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audio version of the book.

We received this book from the author to give an honest review.

LOVEEEEEEEEE books about Fall. I mean who doesn't? The leaves changing on the trees, the bright colors, sweaters, the days you can open your windows to let the beautiful air in. So this book is perfect. You are reading about a leaf named Analee she has the perfect place on a tree until she is told my Hooty the owl what happens to leaves when they fall. That of course scares her until she notices all the colors around her and the ending is perfect for this story. This is a must read for all ages. If I wasn't afraid of my one year old tearing the book while I am reading it to her I would so read it to her. But she is just going to have to wait a bit.

K's review: Loved it, his favorite part was when Analee was floating across the city and found her place at the end.
My favorite part: Where Analee's colors are described she is one leaf you would love to look at. 

About the Author:
As a young girl, I dreamed of someday being a published author... and a dream was hatched. It grew as I grew and began to write simple stories (most of which my mother stashed away through the years), but then they began to take on my personality and I developed my own style that I've carried with me into adulthood.
My main goal when I write is to move my reader emotionally, whether to laughter, tears, surprise, or all of the aforementioned! Therefore, most of my works have underlying symbolism and life lessons that I hope will not only entertain the reader, but possibly reach them on a deeper level, causing them to think outside the box, so to speak. 
When I graduated from high school, I attended Texas A&M University, majoring in Journalism. A few years after graduation, I went back to college (SWTSU) to earn my teaching certificate for secondary English and Journalism. It was then that I really felt I was maturing as a writer, but still hadn't found just the right topic for the book I wanted to write​​.
Then one cool autumn day I was taking a leisurely walk, gazing up at the ornate fall foliage, when I came upon a tree that was left with only one leaf... This made me wonder: If the leaf were able to talk, what would its story be? Why was it still clinging to a tree when all the other leaves had fallen?
Then it came to me! It was like my two (then) living grandmothers who had both felt the loneliness of being the last surviving members of their immediate family, and having both lost two of their children. It was sad, but I truly believe in my heart that they are now reunited with those who left this world before them, and are waiting patiently for the rest of us to join as well.
So my story was born and took on a life of its own--one I hope will inspire others and help them heal from whatever losses or changes have taken place in their own lives. I decided to achieve this by telling the story through the eyes of Analee, a young leaf who fears the worst when fall comes, but learns a life lesson instead.

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