Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: "Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth by Eric Carle

"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth
slowly, slowly, slowly?that?s the way the sloth moves. slowly, it eats and then, slowly, it falls asleep. what strange kind of creature is this? the other animals wonder. why doesn?t it run or fly or play or hunt like the rest of us? ?why are you so slow?? the howler monkey inquires. but the sloth doesn?t answer any questions until the jaguar asks, ?why are you so lazy?? Anyone who has ever felt too busy will appreciate the sloth?s peaceful lifestyle and realize that it?s okay to take time to enjoy life. eric Carle?s dazzling collage illustrations introduce readers to the exotic beauty of the Amazon rain forest and the many unusual animals living there.

We picked this book up at our local library.

I have always been a big fan of Eric Carle, not only are his books easy to read to little kids, but heck they are just awesome.
In this story, you read about a sloth who is slow (which sloths normally are) and he gets asked all sorts of questions towards the middle end as to why he is lazy, slow and so forth. He has a response to those animals asking him these questions. I like the idea of the story just no need to rush enjoy everything in life. You can be slow and take in your surrounds as we all seem to miss that sometimes with life. At the very back of the book there is something Eric Carle wrote and I LOVE it.

Why are we always in a hurry?
Rush. Rush. Rush.
We scurry from here and there.
We play computer games and then-
quick! Click!- we watch TV. We eat fast food.
Everyone tells us to make it snappy!
Hurry up! Time is flying! Step on it!
There's so little time just to be with friends,
to watch a sunset or gaze at a star-filled sky.
Ah, what we could learn-even if just a little-
from the gentle sloth who slowly, slowly, slowly
crawls along a branch of a tree,
eats a little, sleeps a lot,
and lives in peach.
Eric Carle.

To me this says everything and had me really think that I should take it slow in life and enjoy everything around me and my children.


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