Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spotlight, Review and GIVEAWAY: Our Love Grows by Anna Pignataro

27828812Title: Our Love Grows
Author: Anna Pignataro
Date to be Published: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Pages: 24
Genre: Children ages 3 on up
Review: ebook provided by Netgalley and publisher
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In the deep green forest, Pip asked,
"Mama, when will I be big?"
Pip is an adorable, roly-poly little panda who sees the world changing and growing. But Pip is feeling a bit left behind. Luckily Mama is there to show playful and curious Pip that, like the trees in the forest and the stars in the sky, he's growing and changing too. And no matter how much Pip grows, the one thing that will never change is how much Mama loves him!

We receive this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
I have to say this was a great read to read to A. She is at the age of wanting to be big and we have to tell her you need plenty of sleep and you have to eat. So for us this book was on point with how we can explain to A in another why of when she will become big. Pip is a cute panda and ask his mother when will he be big. She in returns explains in a very wonderful way how he can grow big like everything around him grows. I loved the way the illustrations looks almost like watercolor and very soft. I think this book is better as a paperback rather than ebook. The only reason I say this is because sometimes we would turn a page on the ereader and it wouldn't have words so we would have to turn the page again and flip it back for them to show up. 
I plan on re-reading this again to A as a bedtime story. It is very short and easy for the kids to follow along. 

Praise for Our Love Grows

“[Pignataro] creates delicately ethereal landscapes for the pandas to traverse—forests dense with pine and bamboo, snowy hillscapes—while showcasing a playful tenderness in their explorations and interactions… Pitch perfect in its spirit of cozy reassurance.” —Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review!

“A sweet story for parents to share with their young children. The theme is straightforward and told in rhyme. The book conveys a similar message to Sam McBratney’s Guess How Much I Love You, and the engaging artwork greatly enhances and complements the story. The pen and paint illustrations have a soft tone and will give readers a warm feeling.” —School Library Journal

Anna Pignataro is the creator of the bestselling books Mama, How Long Will You Love Me? and Mama, Will You Hold My Hand? Her works have been translated into eleven different languages, and she has won numerous awards including the Crichton Award for Illustration. She lives in Australia with her family.

Connect with Anna Pignataro
Website: http://annapignataro.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annapignatarobooks/

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