Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: Your Feelings Matter to Sam the Sloth (The Colorful World of Feelings) by Cathy Wilson

Feelings are important. And sometimes it's hard to talk about how you are feeling, even with your best friend. Sam the sloth learned that it's very important to pay attention to his feelings. And to "why" he was feeling a certain way.

With the help of his Amazon Jungle friends, Sam learned how to express his feelings and deal with them. This always made him feel much better.

You are important and so are your feelings. Read on with Sam to learn all about your feelings and so much more!

This is a good book to read to kids about feelings. Not only happy feelings but the not so good feelings.
It explains it in a way as to make a child understand. K is at the age to where he has A LOT of feelings going through him and he sometimes can not get out what he is feeling. So reading this book to him helped him understand that he could write out his feelings if he needed to which I think is a great idea.
Now I have to give this book three stars and I really didn't want to. But there is a part where the author should have used commas in a certain place. And this was on the first page.  Second, the pictures I though needed to be a bit bigger to be able to see them properly. A good book to read to kids to help them understand some of their feelings they may be having. 

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