Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania! by Cynthia Lord

The award-winning, bestselling team Cynthia Lord and Derek Anderson are back with the best Hot Rod Hamster adventure yet: Monster Truck Mania!
It's Fair Day, and Fearless Franco's famous Monster Truck Mania has come to town. Hot Rod Hamster and his friends are geared up for a roaring, soaring great time, so they set out to find the best ride at the fair. The water boats, spinning teacups, and bumper cars are great, but Hamster can't seem to find the BEST ride. That is, of course, until Fearless Franco needs a last-minute back-up driver for his monster truck. Can Hot Rod Hamster help him out, and still find the best ride of all? In this rollicking new adventure, Hot Rod Hamster proves once again that being small doesn't mean you can't think BIG!

We got our first taste of Hot Rod Hamster back during the summer and we were listening to an audio book. 
K just fell in love with this hamster. 
With Monster Truck Mania Hot Rod Hamster is at the fair with his friends and he wants to ride all these cool and amazing rides. And then he gets to drive a monster truck!!! 
The pictures are wonderful and keep the kids into the story, the rhyming is catchy and it always ends with what would YOU choose? And we both had fun picking which ride or type of food we would eat.
We do plan on buying more Hot Rod Hamster books and keeping on with the adventure. I thought at the end when Hot Rod got a bunch of tickets he didn't spend them on himself instead he spent them on everyone.

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