Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Brainstorming It's Raining Ideas! By Terri Kelley

17366870Brainstorming: It's Raining Ideas! is the second book in the Writing is a Process series and the first true step of any writing process. This book which is written in lyrical rhyme tells the story of a little boy who wants to write a story about his day in the park with his best friend. He encounters difficulty in where to begin with his story so his teacher tells him to use the writing process by brainstorming. Through beautiful illustrations by the talented artist, Milena Radeva, students will be engaged and they will be informed with the wonderful story as well. Once your students hear the writing process explained by Terri Kelley's stories, writing should become more enjoyable and much easier for them.

We received this book to give an honest review.
So I figured this would be good for K to listen to as I read this book, so it could show him what to do if he is going to write. He could brainstorm. So the first thing out of K's mouth is, the character a boy or girl? He didn't know. I figured a girl based on the skirt but I could be wrong. The pictures kind of through us off being as you would get words on one picture, then skip two pictures and so forth. Also the way they writing was done on a few pages you had to turn the ereader to read it. 
I would have liked more brainstorming ideas and more of how they all went together. It just kind of seemed that the character was trying to write a story but it didn't fully come together. That is just my thoughts. I do like this author's writing style so I will be giving more of her books a read in the future. 

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