Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Bats by Deutsche Don Juan

20936743Bats Beautiful Pictures & Interesting Facts Children Book About Bats

Bats and humans both belong to a group of animals called mammals. Mammals have special characteristics that make them different from other animals like birds or fish. For example, mammals have hair instead of feathers or scales. Mammal mothers also have milk in their bodies to feed their babies.

Bats may not look like us, but they have body parts that are similar to ours and they care for their babies just as much. That’s why we’re both mammals. Next time you see a bat, you can say, “Hi, fellow mammal!

K loved this book about bats, we got to learn about small bats and megabats, how long bats live what they eat. All sorts of fun knowledge within this book. K found new words that he learned and can give you a definition  which is awesome. For example insectivores, it is an animal who eats insects. I never know that, so it was a new word for me. 
There is a picture for each chapter which is cool. I do think that the only thing the author could have elaborate on is the fact that vampire bats are the ones that cause the wounds to the animal that they suck their blood from. K asked me if the vampire bats just found an animal that was hurt and suck their blood and I had to explain. So I think the author could have added that bit into the book.
With the fun facts, pictures, new words it was a fantastic read that I know for sure we will be reading again.

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