Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: The Boy on the Bus: A Sing-Along Storybook by Penny Dale

The boy on this bus drives round and round -- but his passengers aren’t quite what you’d expect! Hop on board as a very merry group oinks, quacks, and clucks its way through the countryside in a brand-new version of a classic children’s song.

A comically crowded bus carries a furry, feathered cast of characters in a familiar sing-along with a funny farmyard twist.

We picked this book up from our local library.

This is a great book to read/sing along to. You know the song the Wheels on the Bus well same concept only with farm animals. How cool is that. K loved singing along with me and the pictures were great to look at. This is an awesome fresh read for us that kept us singing well after the story was over.

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