Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Secret Santa Squirrels by Hazel Nutt

We received this book via Story Cartel to give an honest review.

Umm what can I say about this book. First it was cute, but the idea of poop being turned into presents was a bit out there I would say. Now the squirrels helping out that is a new twist on the story.

I also had a loading problem with the format for nook being as it would only load half the page then I would have to go back for it to load again. 
We have squirrels who pretty much deliver the presents. Now what got me is there is a part that says "the squirrels sneak the presents in stockings or under the tree." Then it turns around and says it leaves Santa free to visit the really good girls and boys. Well wait I can see the squirrels helping deliver the presents but I always though Santa left the presents under the tree himself, and he didn't just visit the really good children he visited all of them. So that little part made me drop my rating to a 4. 

K's favorite parts are the ending where the children are making Christmas wishes. And where the squirrels you never see are leaving presents under the tree. 

I think this is a decent little funny read for kids who want to know who might be delivering the presents.
My son has decided we now need to leave not only cookies out for Santa, but carrots for the deer and nuts for the squirrels.

About the author:
Hazel Nutt is a baby who is nutty about nature, especially squirrels, whom she often has a good natter with. They tell her their secrets and her parents help her write them down to share with the world, as picture books.

Loving nature is really important to her and Hazel Nutt hopes to make sure that lots of other kids get nutty about nature as well.

She also likes to blog about her observations on life and teach other toddlers how to train their parents.

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