Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: Rainbow Fish Spike and the Substitute Text by Leslie Goldman

Spike was angry when Miss Cuttle took away his special coral. He wished he had a new teacher -- and his wish came true But Spike soon discovers that a substitute teacher is no substitute for his own Miss Cuttle.

We picked this book up from our local library.
This is a good book to help teach about being angry over something and what you can do to get over being angry. To also appreciate your teacher and to follow the classroom rules. 
Spike was a bit upset when Mrs. Cuttle took away his show and tell and put it up. When he gets a new substitute he wishes he had Mrs. Cuttle back as she was no where near as strict. But when the substitute shows Spike what he can do to since he was upset he learns that he can show something else. This book was a great read for my son, as he needs to learn to listen to rules and follow them. 

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