Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: Rainbow Fish The Dangerous Deep Text by Leslie Goldman

Rainbow Fish and his school friends have been warned never to leave the safety of their Shipwrecked playground. But fish will be fish, and one day at lunchtime, Rainbow Fish and friends decide to explore new waters. Before he can swim very far, Rainbow Fish finds out why little fish are told never to swim into the dangerous deep.

We picked this book from our local library.

I remember reading my first Rainbow Fish book growing up. So I figured this book would be just as good, it was decent but I would have liked more adventure with them. Rainbow fish and his friends listen to an explorer and decide to go on an explorer adventure themselves. They really do not go very far, and didn't really explore like I would have thought they would. Hence why this book is being give 4 stars. 
K's favorite part was when they saw the shadow! You have to read to find out what shadow that is though. 

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