Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Tyler Files #1: Smarty Pants by Brian Rock (Goodreads Author), Joshua Dawson (Illustrator)


Title: The Tyler Files #1 Smarty Pants
Author: Brian Rock
Illustrator: Joshua Dawson
Pages: 108
Publisher: First Light Publishing
Genre: Children ages 11 on up
Review: ebook provided by author

Wimpy Kid meets Gravity Falls!

Tyler is an average 5th grader, except for one thing. His pants won't stop talking!
How will Tyler make it through the day without becoming the school laughingstock? And how will he survive his pants' "off the cuff" remarks to the school bully (and to his secret crush?)
Packed with humor and excitement, Smarty Pants is the first in THE TYLER FILES series.
Bonus features include:
"Talking With Tyler:" Extend the story with a Q&A with the main character
"What If:" Allow your imagination to explore beyond where the story ends
"Jokes:" Find out what's so funny about pants
"Idioms:" Learn how to talk pants even if your pants can't talk

We received this book to give an honest review.

K and I had a great couple of laughs through out this book, pants that talk how weird and funny is that. The reason we gave it four stars is because K kept wanting to know how did Tyler's pants start talking? That was something that I could not help him out with because I had no clue, I just went with maybe his mom used a cool new detergent. 
Tyler is a normal kid until his pants start talking he will find himself face to face with a bully that ends up becoming his pal, along with this crush actually talking to him.
We got to see how Tyler actually made it through the day and it wasn't all that bad it seems. Though the question will be asked what would you do if your pants ended up talking? K and I had a great discussion on what we would do if our pants were talking. It really got K to use his imagination and think outside the box. 

Brian Rock
Brian Rock is a children’s author and former school teacher who lives in Chesterfield, VA with his wife, daughter and of course, his many imaginary friends.
He has enjoyed writing stories since he was old enough to hold a no. 2 pencil. Although he was once put out of class for writing too many stories, he went on to receive a master’s degree in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature from Hollins University. Along the way, Brian has performed as a stand-up comic, worked as a “McCountant,” and written award winning country songs for his band Family Reunion. He also contributes to the Richmond Children's Writers blog.

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