Saturday, October 7, 2017

From the Grave (Monster or Die #1) by Cynthia Reeg


Title: From The Grave
Author: Cynthia Reeg
Published: May 4, 2017
Publisher: Jolly Fish Press
Pages: 216
Genre: Children ages 10 on up
Review: ebook 
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Monster is as monster does, but Frankenstein Frightface Gordon is totally the wrong shade of ghastly green—pale, baby blue, in fact—and he's more concerned with keeping his pants neat and tidy than scaring the pants off his victims. But when a new law is passed to rid Uggarland of misfits such as Frank, he must decide if he will become the monster his parents can be proud of or be the monster he can be proud of. Trusting the monsterliest monster he knows, Frank looks to the grave and his dead grandmother to make his choice, entering into an adventure that will either seal his doom or prove he is truly monster enough.

I actually saw this book on Amazon and saw it was free and grabbed it up. It looked like it could be a entertaining read especially since Halloween is coming up. 
So I should clarify what I mean by "real" monsters. By that I mean in this world of different monsters who all live in their town called Uggerworld "real" monsters are those that scare people and really take on the monster part of them. 
So we are introduced to Frankie and his friends of misfits it seems that they are not like the other monsters around them which causes people to be a bit mean to them. We also are introduced to Malcom who seems to pick on Frankie and his friends a lot yet once we get further into the story you just kind of wonder if Malcom is trying to be a "real" monster to make up for something. 
Frankie and his friends will learn of a new law that is passed for those that are not "real" monsters and it seems that it won't be for the good. 
My thing on this is why wasn't this law a big thing and why are the kids just now learning about it when they were sent to tour the exiled place called Exxillium. Did their parents not tell them about it? Now it was a bit sad to hear that the kids that are different because of how they act or looked were teased, bullied, and treated different. Yet I do like how Frankie and his friends really just want to be their selves and really try not to listen to everyone else. 
As the story progresses and we get towards the end it seems that Frankie's grandmother is trying to help him do the right thing even though she is no longer there. Can he do the right thing in the end? Or will end up trying to be a "real" monster so he doesn't get sent to Exxillium? 
A neat thing I thought that was done in the book was the two different endings the author gave us. I liked how it could have gone either way! 


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