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NetGalley Review: It's Hard to Swim (Ellie the Wienerdog series) Life's Little Lessons by Ellie the Wienerdog - Lesson #2 by K.J. Hales


Title: It's Hard to Swim (Life's Little Lessons #2)
Author: K.J. Hales
Published: June 6, 2017
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group/ Open Door Press, Inc. 
Pages: 17
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and Publisher
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Ellie the Wienerdog is back!
In Life’s Little Lesson #2, It’s Hard to Swim, readers are reunited with their favorite wiener dog as she is about to abruptly get her paws wet.
Romping on dry ground and chasing a ball are the activities Ellie believes dogs are built to do. However, one day as she is enjoying her canine fun, she chases her ball onto a dock and then finds herself cornered by her “people” who think it would be a good idea for her to take a little dip.
The drama builds as her mind goes into over drive imagining all the terrifying possibilities that could await her below the surface of the water.
Will she sink? Will she end up as dinner for a hungry shark or a monster fish? Or will she overcome her fear and discover all the fun that comes with trying something new? Her future hangs at the end of a dock with very dark water below . . .
Swim is a year-round Summer Fun read! Kids will love searching for all the hidden treasures in the vibrant, whimsical illustrations and grown-ups will love the timeless lesson that is shared through Ellie’s humorous tale.
The team of K.J. Hales and Serene Wyatt have done it again – thanks to the inspiration from Ellie the Wienerdog.

We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
We are introduced to Ellie who is scared to swim and she learns that it isn't too hard to do in a life jacket and that she is safe. Though she voices her fears of being a delicious treat to what is below. A and I had a good time laughing as Ellie learned there was nothing bad about being in the water. 
I did like how we are shown the different fears that Ellie has imagined in her mind yet there is really nothing to be afraid of. We do that as humans as well, we overthink things and sometimes there is nothing to be scared of. It did really open up a discussion for me to explain to A about being scared and how to overcome being scared.  
I would suggest that the publisher or author check out the formatting as reading on the kindle some words were jumbled together. Also I felt that there was no need to repeat some of the words on the pages. As far as pictures went they were very bright and went well with the story being told.

Kim Hales is the founder of Open Door Press, Inc. and the author of the children's book series Life's Little Lessons by Ellie the Wiener Dog.

After a career in the corporate business world, she was inspired to return to her passion for story and art, by of all things - her wiener dog. Shortly after Ellie came into her life, Kim picked up a yellow note pad and began writing humorous stories and doodles about the daily problems and perils of being a ''wiener dog.''

As the number of stories grew so did Kim's desire to share ''Life's Little Lessons'' with the world. She established Open Door Press to do just that.

Kim lives in Southern California with her husband, her muse Ellie the Wienerdog, and Ellie's little sisters, Ruby and Pepper.

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