Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Celebrate! Mealtime by Sophia Day

Title: Celebrate! Mealtime
Author: Sophia Day
Published: December 15, 2016
Publisher: MVP Kids Media
Pages: 22
Genre: Children ages 3 on up
Review: book provided by publisher

Join our MVP Kids® in Celebrate! MealTime. We will learn about good mealtime manners, being helpful, eating healthy and other simple lessons for toddlers. Follow the families of several of our MVP Kids® as they go through their day interacting with food and family.

We received this book to give an honest review.

This is a really cute book that describes the different mealtimes we have along with having manners and helping out. A is at the age of helping me out in the kitchen when I need her to and it gives her a sense of responsibility. With this story she got to see how others help out and the different foods they got to enjoy. 
At the end of the book is some helpful tips depending on the age group what your child may be able to do in the kitchen, which is neat. 
Though I will say this the seller who is selling this book for $500.00 is crazy. It is not a $500.00 book, you can go to the website and buy it for the proper price. 

Now if you would like to purchase any of these books from this series from their website you can. 


Just go to check out and use the coupon code K&AREVIEW  you will get a $1.00 of of your purchase.

Just a heads up though PLEASE, PLEASE check to make sure the coupon works before you buy! 
A huge thank you to MVP Media Kids for allowing us to review these books! 

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