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Review: The Adventures of Reece & Rusty: Volume 1- The Fish Wish by George Paul

30352600Title: The Adventures of Reece & Rusty The Fish Wish
Author: George Paul
Published: June 2, 2016
Publisher: Whisker & Tales PublishingTM
Pages: 24
Genre: Children ages 6 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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Reece Spellman’s new best friend, a pet fish, begins to stare at the outside world from his fish tank with a look of despair. The external forces of a glass wall and water that separate their two very different worlds begin to impede the progression of their relationship, but that is about to be changed forever by a seemingly innocent childhood WISH. Was it MAGIC? Or, was it just pure COINCIDENCE?

The Adventures of Reece & Rusty – The Fish Wish is a charming story about friendship, responsibility, and inspiration, with a magical touch that will leave all readers highly entertained. The Fish Wish, the first adventure in the series, introduces the reader to the Spellmans, a lovable, seemingly ordinary family who are anxiously anticipating a momentous event in their child’s life. Reece Spellman, who just turned seven, finally convinces his parents to get him a pet, but he is not very happy with their choice. Reece’s mother tells him, “If you can take care of this fish and show the proper responsibility, you will get a larger pet in the near future.” Little did she know how prophetic those words would soon become.

The main reason I wrote this story was to express to children that they should never give up on their wishes and dreams, and to relish the journey of aspiring to achieve them. Furthermore, as a parent myself, I know that there is nothing more gratifying than to see your child show responsibility, kindness, and demonstrate moral values. The Adventures of Reece & Rusty embraces this theme along with common life experiences/events intertwined with magical and humoristic overtones.

We received this book to give an honest review.
K seemed to have really enjoyed this book, and has asked me to find out if there is book two where we find out if Rusty turns back into what he was. 
Reece is a young boy who really wants a pet so his parents give him a fish to take care of. If he can take care of this fish then he might get a bigger pet later on. Which I have to say I love that idea it is something that I have mentioned to my children as well. 
When Reece's mother picks up some random things from a garage sale no one thinks anything different especially a treasure chest that Rusty would love in his bowl as he doesn't seem like a happy pet. Though when Rusty goes missing Reece is very sad only to come home and find something waiting on him. What exactly is it? Will his parents let him keep this new addition? Who knows?
K and I both loved the pictures within the book they were very bright and colorful and went wonderful with the story being told. 
Now the sentences on the pages are a bit long so I would think this book will be good for those around say 6 or 7 on up. 

Questions and Answers with K

1. Did you like the book?
"Yes I did, will the author make another book so we can find out more about Rusty?"

2. What are your thoughts on this book?
"I thought it was cool especially when Rusty has two different color eyes.  I really like how a wish can come true."

3. Would your friends read this book?
"They may I don't know." 

George Paul
“I first became hooked on books in early grade school. I would run home from school the day the book club newsletter came out and would sit down with my mom to go over what books to order. I wanted just about every book that I saw, so of course the total amount due was always way too high. My mother and I would make compromises to get the order down to a more reasonable amount. The very next day I would be the first to hand in my order form to the teacher. Then I would wait, wait, and wait some more. It seemed like forever, but when my books arrived a few weeks later, the teacher would have that unmistakably marked box perched on top of her desk and would hand me my books. For me, it was like Christmas Day!”
George Paul is a 1987 graduate from Rutgers University in New Jersey and is employed by a former Fortune 100 company. During his tenure, he has won eight national awards of recognition as a sales/marketing manager. He has a passion for creating and developing new concepts, and much of that comes in the form of writing. The same passion he has developed over the years is now being translated into writing books for children. His desire is to write books that stimulate the minds of children through imagination and education. George Paul’s writings are intertwined with messages of proper moral values, important life lessons, and humoristic overtones that are highly entertaining to his reading audience.

For as long as George can remember, he has always loved working with and mentoring children at day camps, recreational sport leagues, and travel sports. When George became a parent, he was sure to be involved with his own kids’ activities. He was the head coach for his son’s recreational and travel baseball teams for 12 years. Additionally, George always volunteered to be a chaperone on his kids’ field trips and would always welcome an invite to visit the school to read books to the class, supervise parties, etc.
George and his family love animals and have had many pets over the years including dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, turtles, and even a degu—and they all have added something very special to their lives. The whole family advocates for pet rescue and adoption and helps support several animal organizations across the country.

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