Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Toddler's book: Beary Cute Baby Bears (Cute Baby Animals) by Roni Shwartz

19468860Title: Beary Cute Baby Bears
Author: Roni Shwartz
Published: Dec. 11, 2013
Publisher: Self
Pages: 36
Genre: Children ages 1-4
Review: ebook
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Take your toddlers on a fun pictorial journey to the land of the bears, where they can meet cute baby bears of different species and see how their daily lives look like...

Your toddler will learn that baby bears, just like human babies, like to play, to explore the world around them, to be naughty and have fun and, of course, to hug mommy!

This was a fun read for A and I. In this story you get pictures of baby bears with their mom and what they are doing. A really seemed to enjoy looking at the bears though she said they were not her baborite which means favorite. I do think children of small age will enjoy this book as it will hold their attention and it is not very long. You get one sentence per page so that was very nice.   

Roni Shwartz

Roni Shwartz is a travel enthusiast and writer, who loves to travel the world and share his experiences with others through words and pictures. He spent 15 years overseas, mostly in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, where he had the opportunity to visit some of the world's most amazing national parks and marine reserves, and to actually meet some of the most fascinating creatures on earth.
Roni also visited many of the world's major cities and historic sites, including palaces, fortresses and old monasteries, and he writes about them too, in his blogs and eBooks.

As a kid, Roni always dreamed about traveling to faraway places and exploring every corner of the world. And now, when he is a father himself to two sweet and curious boys, he is trying to share his passion for travel and nature with his own kids, as well as with every other child in the world, so they can too enjoy the beautiful pictures, learn amazing facts about our world, and dream about the day they will explore all these fascinating places themselves...

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