Friday, November 27, 2015

Review: The Third Boy by Esty Vaysman

27281346Title: The Third Boy
Author: Esty Vaysman
Published: Oct. 24, 2015
Pages: 20
Genre: Ages 5 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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Does your child avoid trying new things because of the fear of being hurt or failing?
Or could it be because none of your child’s friends have tried that new activity yet?

This book tells the story of one little boy, part of a paper-cut chain, who dreams of leaving the chain and testing out all the things he sees from where he is draped on the wall, even though none of his paper-cut friends has ever done that.
The influence of social pressure, the fear of being hurt, and being scared to tackle the irregular or non-standard, cause the little boy to give up on his dream.
Until he finally decides to stop listening to everyone else and instead, heed his heart. He leaves the paper chain, and sets out on an adventure in the children’s playroom.

This adventure story is especially suited to parents reading to children, and interested in reinforcing the child’s self-confidence. The story presents the fear and deliberations which our environment tends to reflect to the child before the child is able to make choices and take a step in a new direction.
The story shows the pleasure and joy of experiencing the new, of being courageous enough to try, of listening to our own heart, in a way that lets your child identify with facing the innovative, the unknown and the new.

There is a special free gift inside, don't forget to take it!

We received this book to give an honest review.
The third boy is not a real boy but a boy from a chain of paper cut, cutouts. As he is hanging on the wall he sees everything going on below and it looks like fun, at least it is better than just hanging on the way. So we follow the adventure of the third boy and what he gets to see and do when he gets down from this chain he is a part of. 
The illustrations are very colorful and vivid and were greatly done. 
I think my favorite part out of the whole story was when the third boy went to play blocks with bunny and teddy. Just because they kept building and knocking down the blocks which reminds me of my daughter doing the same thing. 

There is a lesson within the story of follow your heart on what to do and do not listen to what everyone else wants you to do. Sometimes there are new experiences and adventure just waiting on you to take that new step. 
K was okay with the story it wasn't his favorite but he did sit and listen. There wasn't one favorite part that he liked he just said overall the story was okay. 

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