Thursday, August 6, 2015

Product Review: #1 Rated Bath Toy Organizer - Large Storage Basket for Baby Boys and Girls with 2 Extra Strong Suction Cups - Strongly Suctions to Tile and Glass - Washable Mold Resistant by Tidy Toys

I was asked to review this product which I was more than gladly to do as I have been looking around at the stores for a bath toy holder. We have been using a plastic bucket to hold the toys in.

 So this is the packing the organizer came in.
It was well packaged, no damaged and is brand new.

This is the product used in our (my husband and I's bathroom)
This product would not stick to our children's bathroom I believe it to be because it is hard plastic and not a mirror or tile maybe? I tried everything. The only thing that did stick in their bathroom was the two separate suction hangers. 

Here are some toys in the bag it has not fell down or become too heavy as of yet. I would say that this bag is not large but more of a medium size bag. 

I have to give this product a 4 rating being as where I wanted to use this organizer at I wasn't able to as it would not stick no matter what I did. It seems to work better on mirrors than hard plastic. I would also advise the makers of this product to not say the bag is large when it is more of a medium.

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