Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review: If you were Me and Lived in China by Carole P. Roman

Title: If you were me and lived in China
Author: Carole P. Roman
Published: June 15, 2015
Pages: 30
Genre: Children ages 5 on up
Review: Paperback provided by author to give an honest review

China which is officially known as the People's Republic of China which has a population of more the 135 billion people living there which is the most populated country in the world.
You might of learned about the Yangtze River which is in the South, or the Yellow River which is located in the North. Although the capital is Beijing many people called it Peking, China has major highways, trains and expressways and the second busiest airport in the world.
Children's names are picked because they have meanings so boys who are called An which means peace or Bao which is another word for treasure and Fu for happiness. Girls are called Hong because they like the color red, Yu which stands for Jade which is a gemstone or Zi which is the word for smart. What would you like to be called if you lived in China? I think I would like to be called Zi.
China has some amazing places to visit like the Great Wall of China. It is a stone barricaded which was built thousands of years ago to keep strangers out of China. Nobody is sure but they believe it is about 5,500 hundred miles. Another very famous tourist site is the giant clay army that was only recently discovered that had been buried underground for more then two thousand years. You will be told that there are over eight thousand individually sculpted soldiers and about 520 statues of horses and 130 of just chariots. You will love explore the many tourist sites as you will have an opportunity to learn so much.
The New year is a very fun holiday to be part of and begins at midnight with fireworks which hope that the noise will chase off the evil spirits. It is a very important day to honor your grandparents. You would receive red envelops filled with good luck money. Because the celebration last fifteen days you will get to enjoy many delicious meals but better learn how to use the chopsticks because if you drop them it could bring you bad luck. They are very superstitious people.

We received this book to give an honest review.

I love to learn about China it is one of those places in the world that you could see yourself either living there or visiting. I was excited to read this to K as he enjoys learning about new places and the food that they eat. With this story we are taken into how it would be if you lived in China, just like all the other books in this amazing series of cultural this author did not disappoint. We got to learn how to pronounce different words like school and the names of what you would be called if you were a boy or a girl. K and I always enjoy trying to pronounce the words correctly though I don't think we are ready to head to China and try it out anytime soon. The pictures are done wonderfully and go perfect with what is being said on each page. 
I recommend this book to not only have in home but to also have in schools.

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