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Review: Yummy Stories: six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite by Lil L. Alexander

Title: Yummy Stories
Author: Lil L. Alexander
Pages: 52
Published: Dec. 9, 2014 
Genre: Children
Review: Paperback provided by author 

Yummy Stories is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient and Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner.
This book has truly gone too far. First, it inspires kids to read it aloud. Then, it makes them laugh and sing, and to top it all, it whets their appetite for veggies. How about that! And even though it encourages healthy eating habits, this yummy book is not "preachy" but fun.

Six fascinating fairy tales with vibrant illustrations are set to take children to a magical world, with unforgettable characters. Talking vegetables, a hungry dinosaur, fairies, giants and a cabbage-loving emperor are ready to delight early readers with their adventures in the wild. Each story includes rhymes, entertaining sounds and concludes with a short poem. One of these stories is also interactive: children can choose the proper ending.

The book contains a coloring page and a tricksy game where readers have to discover characters hidden in other stories, as well as cleverly disguised vegetables. The artwork is exciting and unique, featuring mushroom houses, clouds made of cauliflower, broccoli forests or asparagus fences. All of these elements are masterfully mixed since the writer is also a teacher, a food artist, an organic gardener, and a parent.

This rich and fulfilling collection of stories encourages healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. And you know what the best part is? It's fun, and children adore it. Try it and see for yourself!

We received this book to give an honest review.

K and I read this book one story per night at bedtime. He kept asking me every night can we read another story in the book and I had to tell him no because we needed to extend the story.
Each story is unique and beautifully illustrated. There is a lesson within each story that is perfect for the older kids that can understand it. There is some rhyming within the stories so that makes it fun to read along with the some funny parts. The stories are fairy tales told in a fun way that has fruits and veggies within the tale. You have a dinosaur, a witch, a giant and many more with their own story to tell.
I thoroughly enjoyed each story in a different way except The Three Garden Fairies I think it was because of their names Bonnysweet, Honeytongue and another one along with the repeating it just got to me. K really enjoyed the book a lot more than I expected him to I figured he wouldn't be as interested in it but he sat and listened to the stories. His favorite tale was Cheekerchuck, the dinosaur  who liked to eat. He thought it was funny how the dinosaur would eat two of everything and got really really big in the village. 
Overall a good book that I would recommend to others with children.

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