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Review: Rhiney Goes to the Dentist - The Life of Rhiney the Rhino by Nicholas Smith

Title: Rhiny Goes to the Dentist
Author: Nicholas Smith
Published: August 31, 2011
Publisher: Books to believe in
Genre: Children 2nd grade on up
Review: ebook from Amazon

Rhiney the Rhino is just like you and me. He has to brush his teeth every day and he has to go to the dentist.
It is fun to follow The Life of Rhiney the Rhino as he experiences the big wide world.
In this adventure, Rhiney goes to the dentist for his first time...
Will he be scared? Were you?
Nicholas Smith believes in the power of children and he loves to write books that help children see the best in themselves and their world. He writes to show children great examples of life that help them appreciate how great it truly is. Through the character of the playful Rhiney, Nicholas can bring real-life lessons into focus and he can help his readers get in touch with their own amazing potential.

Nicholas is a proud member of the US Armed Forces and serves as a space and missile operator. Even though he has received many degrees and awards, he still continues his education studying Leadership.

Nicholas was born in Alabama and Rhiney was born in Africa. However, Nicholas knows that we are all connected and we all must learn these important life lessons along the way. He believes that the children that read Rhiney today are going to be creators of a truly advanced society tomorrow.

I saw this book and figured it would be a good book for K and I to read together. I have been very lucky and he has never been scared of the dentist so I figured this book would be something he would enjoy. 
Rhiney is just like us only a rhino, his parents are big on brushing and flossing their teeth as it is good for you. Rhiney is going to the dentist for the first time and we all know it could be scary experience especially when you hear from others how their trip to the dentist office went. It always makes you very nervous and Rhiney is no exception. With him being scared he planned the old sick trick so that way he wouldn't have to go, which caused his father to tell him a story about a village, a man and a leopard and it was all about being brave even if you are scared. With this story being told Rhiney learns that going to the dentist isn't all that bad. 
The kids reading this story get to learn that eating healthy and taking care of your teeth is really good for you and not to be scared to go and get your teeth checked. 
As far as pictures went there were not very many in the book so don't think this is a picture book, K was a bit upset with it but soon was okay as we continued on with the story. There was some sentenced that were repeated as I think this may have been an editing error. Other than that the story good. 

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