Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: Lobo's Howliday (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo) by C.L. Murphy

It's almost Christmas and Santa finds himself in quite the predicament due to unintended consequences as a result of trying something new. Lobo, and his raven sidekick, Roxy, travel to the North Pole to help the jolly ole' one and are guided by the Arctic animals. The colors of the season delight along the way and make for a howling good holiday. Can you howl Ho Ho Ho?

We received this book to give an honest review.

This is the first time I read the adventures of Lobo. K and I both enjoyed the story especially right now around Christmas time. Santa needs help delivering presents and he is enlisting Lobo's help. The illustrations are nice though Lobo at times looked as though he was drawn weird, I more enjoyed the colors they were very bright and I loved that. Now K enjoyed the whole story and Lobo helping out Santa and seeing the different animals that helped Lobo get to the North Pole.
Now Lobo's friend the raven. Drove me nuts especially because she kept repeating what she said, though K didn't seem to mind. 
I do believe we will be looking for more books of Lobo and his adventures to see what else is there he can venture out to.

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