Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review: A Different Kind of Safari by Helen C Hipp

What do you need to feel happy about being different? Based loosely on real life experiences, this heartwarming and powerful book illustrates how self-awareness, and courage help a young boy named Raymond learn the difference between seeing things as they appear to be and seeing things as they are. Feeling "different and lonely" Raymond befriends a hippo while on Safari in Africa. Unlike other grey hippos, this hippo is pink. Ray is soon carried into a world beyond labels and challenging assumptions. You will never guess what happens next!

We received this book to give an honest review.

K fell asleep towards the end so I ended up finishing the book myself.
I have to say this was a different book than I was expecting it to be and I really can not explain it.
But anyway, we have a young boy name Raymond who falls asleep under a tree in Africa. As he is on his "walkabout" which I love hearing about. He befriends a pink hippo! I know hippos are suppose to be grey and Raymond questions this. Well this pink hippo named Rosie takes him on a journey of teaching him that just because things, animals, or people look different doesn't mean you should treat them differently. Or at least that is what I got from the story. While on his journey with Rosie they meet a crocodile and Raymond is scared because we all know that they are dangerous. But this croc named TLC shares his wisdom and a story of a zebra and how she looked different and was treated differently.
I did enjoy how this book had a lesson within the story. And how Raymond was willing to learn that just because things look different doesn't mean they are.

I do wish there were more pictures involved with this book.
Overall a good story.

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