Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Shelby Loves Candy by RyAnn Adams Hall

This book tells the story of how Shelby absolutely loves candy! If mommy would let her, she would eat candy all day, every day! She would have to take good care of her teeth to eat all that candy! In the end, Shelby realizes that fruit is just as sweet as candy! It is a perfect little book for preschool age children!

I had to give this book three stars because there was hardly any pictures. It would be a good read for the younger children but it would be hard to keep them entertained as there was no pictures. I mean it did have candy but it was outlining the page but never of a girl eating candy.
I did like how Shelby decides to try fruit and sees that it is just as good and sweet as candy.
K said it was an okay book but found it to be boring. And that if she eats a lot of candy she would have to brush her teeth or she would get cavities. I am glad he has been listening about what happens if he eats a lot of candy.

I would suggest the author add more pictures to go with story. Also to work on the formatting as it didn't seem to work with the kindle really good.

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