Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: My Best Friend is A Fairy by M.M. Tornatore

Have you ever wished for a fairy best friend, of your very own? When Purplena rescues Alexis from the school bully, the girls instantly become great friends. But Alexis soon realizes that Purplena isn't like other girls... Neither are Belle and Daisy. Why do strange things keep happening when Purplena and her friends are around? How can Purplena keep Alexis from finding out the truth? Can a "real girl" and a "fairy" ever be best friends? When fantasy and reality collide... sparkles are sure to fly! The Adventures of Purplena & Friends - Book 1 - My Best Friend is a Fairy!

We received this book to give an honest review.
Okay so I figured K would like this book I was wrong he did not even want me to finish page one I think because it was a girly book. And we all know boys really do not like girly books lol.
 So instead I decided to read it myself and I am glad I did. This is a short story of where Alexis who is new to school learns that her friends are FAIRIES! How awesome is that. Now the name Purplena was a bit out there for me but hey in this day and age of names I guess it fits. I truly like how Purplena and her two friends came to Alexis rescue when she was being bullied. And the part where Alexis's finds out that they are fairies was amazing being as there is a story behind that. Now I have a little girl (one who is too little to understand the story) but I do plan on reading this to her when she gets a bit older I think she would enjoy it. 
I for one loved it and would like to know if there is a book two in the works, if so I can not wait to read it. I wonder if the girls will go on adventures of some sort? 

About the author:

M.M. Tornatore lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with her husband Sam, and 4 (almost grown up) children. She is an author and internationally trained artist. M.M. She has always loved the magical world of fairies.….. and her favourite colour is PURPLE, of course!

M.M. Tornatore actively supports various children's based charities and organizations that share her passion for children's health and well being. For this first book the international organisation Radio Lollipo has been selected as the supported charity. Share of profit proceeds from the kindle versions are currently being donated directly to radio lollipop Brisbane to assists their work in Children's Hospital.

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