Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review: Evergreens Story by Ada N Letelier, Antonia Acuna (Illustrations)

22978868Title: Evergreens Story
Author: Ada N. Letelier
Illustrator: Antonia Acuna
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency
Pages: 36
Genre: Children four on up
Review: Paperback sent from author
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Evergreen is a sad little tree that doesn t understand her purpose in life. While the different seasons bring many changes to the forest, Evergreen remains the same, year in and year out. This all changes when a family comes into the forest and takes Evergreen home with them. It is then that Evergreen undergoes a transformation that leaves her reveling in the joy and knowledge that she too is very special and beautiful, just like her friends left behind in the forest. This heartwarming children s book is fun to read all year, but is especially meaningful during the winter season. EVERGREENs STORY is Ada N. Letelier s first children s book. Her love of books, especially children s books, began and grew during her thirty-plus years as an early childhood educator in the public schools of New York City. The inspiration for her book came from reading uplifting stories to her students by authors such as Maurice Sendak, Leo Lionni, and Ezra Jack Keats. All had a lesson to teach, but in very unique ways that very young children could relate to. She hopes her story of the Evergreen will teach children the value of purposefulness. She believes we are all here for a purpose and one must not lose sight of this, no matter what.

We received this book to give an honest review.

This was a really cute story and very well illustrated. Evergreen isn't like all the other types of trees around her. Though she isn't sure why she stays green all year long, so when a family sees her they decide to take her home. What they do next is make her beautiful because what does Evergreen look like? I asked A this question and her lit up and screamed it out. She told me that I need to go get one like that tree, so we can make her beautiful. 
I really liked how we were shown the changing of the seasons and how Evergreen was still the same. There were a lot of things that the family did in the book that we do as a family and it was neat to have A point out what was the same and what was different. 

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