Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review: Ellie Camps Under The Stars by Ellie and Marci Fair

33354097Title: Ellie Camps Under the Stars
Author: Ellie and Marci Fair
Published: Jan. 1, 2017
Publisher: Pacochel Press
Pages: 44
Children ages 4 on up
Review: Paperback provided by author
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Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin have captivated readers in five previous books. The newest addition to the Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant series follows the friends as they go camping and explore nature.

Ellie and Pudgy have fun planning their camping trip in the mountains and solving problems once they get there. They set up a tent, go for a hike, play games, make s'mores, and look at the stars. During their trip, Ellie and Pudgy talk about the importance of having new experiences and being mindful of their surroundings.

Marci and Elle Fair have written a charming story for every child with a cherished stuffed animal. Thirteen-year-old Elle knows what children like to read in a story and has helped create an unforgettable new journey for Ellie and Pudgy.

Included in the back of the book is a guide to help parents teach their young readers about the importance of appreciating and conserving the environment. Eco-conscious families will appreciate gentle suggestions about reducing their environmental impact and enjoying nature.

We received this book to give an honest review.

A has really enjoyed reading this amazing series with Ellie the Elephant and her friend Pudgy the penguin. 
In this adventure they are going to go camping outside and my children are slowly starting to enjoy outdoor camping. With Ellie and Pudgy they play games, cook smores, hike and read. All the fun things you would do on a camping trip. There are no scary monster here so that is always a plus. The pictures are wonderful and if you haven't started this series to see all the places and adventures these two have gone, you must start reading. It is always fun to try something adventurist and new, Ellie and Pudgy show us that in every book. 

Marci Fair and Elle Fair collaborated to create an adventure about Elle’s favorite stuffed animals, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. Ellie and Pudgy have appeared in six books.
Marci is a mother of four. She is the founder of Kares 4 Kids, a charitable foundation that has served over thirty-seven thousand children in the past eleven years. Marci is also the author of TILT: 7 Solutions to Be a Guilt-Free Working Mom and encourages parents to remember that “Balance is impossible; memories are better.”
Elle Fair is Marci’s thirteen-year-old daughter and collaborator for the Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant series. She and her mom have been creating these stories since Elle was eight. A fan of books and stuffed animals both, Elle enjoys collaborating and speaking on this creative endeavor with her mom.

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