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Review: Theft at the Fair and Other Stories (It's a Mystery) by Gita V. Reddy

18498493Title: Theft at the Fair and Other Stories (It's a Mystery)
Author: Gita V. Reddy
Published: Jan. 20, 2014
Pages: 60
Genre: Children ages 10 on up
Review: ebook provided by author
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Age Group: 9-12
'The Theft and Other Stories', starts a new series, ' 'IT's A MYSTERY! As the name suggests, the books in this series will have short stories based on mysterious happening and of course, brilliant solutions.
This book has four stories.

Hitesh: Case 1 : The burglary has everyone puzzled. Hitesh, child prodigy, chess master, math whiz kid, says the thief came on a camel and used a ladder. The police Inspector finds this hard to believe but such is everyone faith in Hitesh that the inspector decides to question a group of camel drivers. What if Hitesh is wrong?
Shanta Tai Jasoos: An advertisement appears in all leading newspapers for the sale of Mr.Sarma's house but he does not want to sell his house! Obviously, a gang of criminals wants his house desperately. Shanta Tai, their maid of twelve years and the children, Dev and Deepa, decide to do something.
Theft at the Fair: Chitra and her cousins go to the fair and little Aarti, their two year old cousin, follows them.
Chitra is the oldest and it becomes her responsibility to take care of the younger ones. She does too, by keeping them together and keeping Aarti close. The fair is crowded and there are many sights like the Well of Death, the Hall of Mirrors, etc.
They return home and it is found that Aarti is missing an ornament. When she had followed them, she was decked up in all traditional finery for a family function. Chitra blames herself and feels the others do too. She is determined to find the thief for which she revisits the fair and its dangers too!
The Mother Goddess: A motherless boy, Jeevan, spends most of his time in the temple of Mother Saraswathi. To him the goddess is his friend and mother. So he is naturally devastated when the idol disappears from the shrine.He finds a clue that leads to the idol being recovered before it is smuggled out of the country, to be sold as an antique.

We received this book to give an honest review.

So K and I have really loved this author's work and especially her mystery books. She adds different mysteries with each chapter so you very well entertained and wondering who has done it.
Too me this is awesome because now K is learning more about different genres in books and that mystery is one of them. He actually asked me why isn't the same detective in each chapter and of course I had no answer for him lol. 
Now as much as I love the stories the names at times were very hard to pronounce so I just attempted my best I don't think K noticed but for others it may be a bit of an issue. 
I really liked how each mystery was solved and if you listened or read very carefully then you can help solve the mystery as well. 
 I think the neat thing about it all is that children are the ones solving the crimes that are being committed. It isn't adults or the police it is actually children that is really neat. 
I can't wait to see more of what the author is going to write as I know K will enjoy it. 

Gita V. Reddy
Gita V.Reddy is a writer of fiction for middlegraders and adults. She enjoys thinking up tales of different genres. She has written mysteries, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and even an animal tale for children.
She wrote and illustrated her first picture book for kids in August, 2015. She plans to write a few more because the experience was very satisfying.
Ms Reddy was born in India, is a post graduate in Mathematics, worked in a bank for twenty-six years, is married to a physics professor, has a son doing research in neuro-electronics, and loves literature. Yes, her life is as mixed up as the multiple genres she writes. 
She enjoys painting and spending time with her family, and LOVES walking in the rain.
She also writes under the name Heera Datta

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