Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review: The Kissing Hand (Chester the Raccoon #1) by Audrey Penn, Ruth E. Harper (Illustrator), Nancy M. Leak (Illustrator)

13017073Title: The Kissing Hand
Author: Audrey Penn
Illustrators: Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak
Published: Dec. 8, 2009
Publisher: Tanglewood Press
Pages: 32
Review: ebook from library
Genre: Children ages 2 on up
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Chester Raccoon doesn't want to go to school--he wants to stay home with his mother. She assures him that he'll love school--with its promise of new friends, new toys, and new books. Even better, she has a special secret that's been in the family for years--the Kissing Hand. This secret, she tells him, will make school seem as cozy as home. She takes her son's hand, spreads his tiny fingers into a fan and kisses his palm--smack dab in the middle: "Chester felt his mother's kiss rush from his hand, up his arm, and into his heart." Whenever he feels lonely at school, all he has to do is press his hand to his cheek to feel the warmth of his mother's kiss. Chester is so pleased with his Kissing Hand that he--in a genuinely touching moment--gives his mom a Kissing Hand, too, to comfort her when he is away.

I saw this book and thought A would really enjoy it and of course she did. I love the idea that the Chester's mom comes up with. I believe I will be doing the Kissing Hand with A when she starts school this year. 
I think that this is a great read to read to those that are going to school or will be going to school. Everyone gets nervous on their first day of school and so a little reassurance with love helps make the day better. 
The pictures are wonderful and A thought it was neat that Chester went to school at night, which or course lead to the explaining of raccoons. 

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