Sunday, September 6, 2015

Review: Squidge: Little Elf, Little Bear by Andrew Thomas

13346167Title: Squidge Little Elf, Little Bear
Author: Andrew Thomas
Published: Dec. 8, 2011
Publisher: Proving House
Pages: 34
Genre: Children Ages 7 on up
Review: ebook
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I was glad this book was free on Amazon. I thought maybe K would like it being as it has an elf and a bear. He just didn't seem to get into it. I think this book was the longest 34 pages we have ever read at bedtime, by that I mean it took almost a week to finish it which isn't normal. 
I think the only thing K liked out of the book was the joke about the hare and the brush after it was explained to him. 
You have this little Elf named Squidge who ends up finding a lost little polar bear it is up to him to find his mother even though they don't know where to look. Both the little elf and the little polar bear learn to rely on each other and work together.
When the momma polar bear is found which I thought was a good thing I kind of wondered where she was at and why wasn't she looking for her baby as well. Of course I have to tell myself it is a book so sometimes it might not make sense. 
K thought it would have more pictures in it than it did and so that is why he didn't like it, plus it was so long. He also didn't understand how the little elf didn't know that a polar bear eats fish. That for me was kind of hard to explain in a sense. 
We may try another Squidge book that is sitting on our library to see if maybe another one may catch his eye. But for now this one just did not do the trick. 

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