Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review: All the Little Fathers by Margaret Wise Brown

Title: All the Little Fathers
Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Publisher: Parragon Inc.
Publisher: May 8, 2015
Pages: 32
Genre: Children Ages 4 on up
Review: ebook provided by Netgalley and publisher

Animals have fathers, just like you. Fathers that play with them, care for them, and love them. All the fathers are looking after their children in this fun and playful story by Margaret Wise Brown, author of the children's classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny.

We received this book from NetGalley to give an honest review.

I read this to K last night and he seemed to be okay with it, the only question he asked was why are the animals calling their children, children? He said they are not children they have names for what they are. Which he is right, example in the story we have a father rabbit hopping with his children which should be called kits or kitten, bears should be called cubs and so forth. The story is very short and to the point I would recommend this story to the younger kids I plan on reading this story to A tonight and she is two. I think she would enjoy it more than her brother did. The pictures go well with the theme and you get to see different animal fathers hanging with their "children" and doing different things with them.
I would say perfect for a bedtime read as it is short and to the point.  

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