Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review: Dinosaur Bedtime: Letters [Dinosaur Books for Kids 3 -6] by Luis C. Lewis

"But wait, wait, wait Mommy! Just one more thing..."
Little Max will do anything to keep from going to bed. He'll rattle off every favorite thing he can think of and find clever ways to charm his parents. But will he succeed this time?
Fans--both young and not-so young -of Mo Willems , Sandra Boynton and Dr. Seuss will love Max the dinosaur and his bedtime antics. This cute, fun bedtime read will charm your child and make it a quick read for you parents. The whole Dinosaur Bedtime series is told with few words but with great warmth and joy that will have your little one asking you to read it over and over again--sorry mom and dad!
This picture book is ideal for kids of preschool years and will expose them to concepts like numbers, letters, colors, shapes and opposites. This short story encourages them to learn new concepts while settling them for bed.
Age Range: 3 years old - 6 years old
-Cute, fun story perfect to read again and again.
-Colorful illustrations your child will love looking over.
-A quick read for parents and a sweet ending of the day for your little ones.
***Bonus pages: Fun game pages at the end of book

A liked this book. We are in the middle of working on letters and this book does the vowel letters. So she would repeat the letters after I would say them. It was neat knowing that Max had something to tell his mom at bedtime. Every time she would say goodnight he had another favorite letter. There are pictures on every page and we learn what starts with these certain letters. Now there is a game at the end of the story but we didn't do it. 
This is a good book for the toddler kiddos as I think it would hold their attention with the easy wording and bright pictures.

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