Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Incredible Animal Moms: Fun Animal Books For Kids With Facts & Incredible Photos (Exploring Our Incredible World Children's Book Series) by Mark Smith

Animal books for kids can be one of the best ways to teach young children about the many creatures that call our planet home. In this fully illustrated book, best selling children's book author Mark Smith teaches children about 20 of the greatest animal mothers on the planet. These animal moms go above and beyond their motherly duties to make sure that their children survive another day. You will be amazed to learn what some of these moms will do to ensure that their children survive.

What does the Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog do that makes her such an incredible mom?

How does a mother Cheetah stack up to all of the other moms in the animal kingdom?

Why does a mother Octopus eat her own arm?

Do you know who is the Queen of the Jungle?

Find the answers to these incredible questions and more as we explore what could only be the 20 greatest moms on the planet in this fun ebook for kids.

You can't have a book about the top animal mothers without featuring some of the cutest animal babies on our planet too. Get ready to fall in love with some of these little cuties, or be grossed out by the beauty that only a mother could love.

This book has been written with children in mind, but parents will need to help their children read some of this book. Parents and children, prepare to be amazed by some truly incredible animal moms that can only be found by exploring our incredible world!

Start exploring this animal fact book today.

K and I enjoyed learning about the different animals and how great moms they are. We learned how different animals take care of their young. Some of the facts I knew but I learned and I am sure K learned some new facts. We learned from elephants to lions, to ear wigs to honey bees and much more.
This is a neat fun fact book that I think ages 7 or 8 on up would enjoy. Who doesn't like learning about animals all the neat things they can do.

The things that I found within the book that bothered me was not enough pictures. There was only one picture per animal. Second the overuse of the word incredible. I felt the author could have used another word instead of incredible a majority of the time. 

Overall a very fun and great learning book. I will be looking into getting K more of these as we can learn new facts. 

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